Wednesday, January 10, 2007

2006 Post i made about Information Delivery and consumption in the Enterprise

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As an add on to an e-mail message to a client yesterday that included some whitepapers and conference slide decks on the topic of Social Bookmarking in the Enterprise, i sent a link to two of my posts on the subject. This is something i do often- linking to both my blog as well as many others that blog about information delivery in the enteprise.

While looking for those posts, i found myself reading some of the posts i published in 2006 on Information Delivery and Consumption in the Enterprise. I use Blogger for this Blog and they recently added tagging capabilities, so in 2007 it will be easier for me to find posts. Since last year that function was not available, here is a summary that i created for my own reference with high level subjects, hopefully the titles that follow the date of the post are descriptive enough and i apologize for the long URLS:

- RSS in the Enterprise

- Social Bookmarking/Tagging in the Enterprise

- Use of Blogs to understand your clients-

- Enterprise use of Social Media tools (my definition at this point includes: blogs, video, podcasts,wikis etc.)

- Sales in a Web 2.0 world

And last but not least- last year's 'what i see in 2006' post which is right on target for what i did get to work on in 2006:

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