Tuesday, May 23, 2006

The Times they are a Changing

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Ok i admit- figuring i am in a Bob Dylan mood today i would title this post relevantly....

I had a first appointment today with a VP at one of the banks based out on the West coast (ok yes say it...everyone is a VP at banks!). This one was responsible for their internal portal and we had some good conversations around surfacing relevant external content to various groups that use the portal as a one-stop place to go for both internal and external content on their clients and prospects.

We had a good conversation about how the outside world is important to various types of users in the bank enterprise. The interesting nugget-is when we started talking about information delivery-and RSS. We talked about the issues around the term RSS- and she confirmed that they would probably call it a 'content feed' or something the users would understand and not use the RSS label because the majority of the users would shy away from it if it looked and felt 'technical'. I had a BIG grin on my face. Just a couple of months ago some of my clients were asking me what RSS was- now some of them are getting it and are ready to define it for their users in their own terms....the times they are a changing.

Dan Keldsen, with the Delphi Group today posted a response on my recent RSS in the Enterprise post focusing on the questions of standards in the enterprise. I will continue this conversation here as well as on his blog.

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