Monday, November 20, 2006

Corporate thinks i am a party girl thanks to Google

Yesterday I got pinged by one of our PR folks that i hadn't spoken to in a while (probably since i left princeton,nj two years ago?) essentially commenting on how i was certainly the party girl around town. Her source? Her Google Blog Alert for 'Factiva'- yeah i get those to and i had noticed it as well!

Sure i have been going to a couple of after hours events as well as conferences and events that are being blogged and since i am a proud 'factivite' whenever i meet someone i talk about myself, my passions and what i what i do as part of my day job - lucky for me corporate is cool about that.

I always learn something and meet someone new at these events- most are on the meetup circuit for start-ups and other folks interested in the web 2.0 world and sometimes it is just a plain great party like this weekend's Laughing Squid anniversary party.

The Bay area is happening and aside from very serious blogging about technologies there is also a new wave of blogging on the social scene, as usual Jeremiah has a good write-up about what is it all about with a focus on one of the new blog rags that was recently launched by a couple of great folks that i have coincidentally been running into at many events. Sure we have a little fun while we are at it but just like in a 1.0 world, well connected intelligent folks bring interesting; conversations, connections, business opportunities and trusted relationships.


Jeremiah Owyang said...

You have a job? I could never tell from the mumbles out of your cocktail glass while slumped over the bar...just kidding.

Actually, the community advocacy and evangelizing you've done with the social media industry, web 2.0 companies, and the bay area for Factiva is more than any advertising, or marketing campaign can do.

Be sure to keep track of all the folks and companies you're able to introduce to Factiva because of your networking.

Jeffrey McManus said...

She only comes to these things to keep people like us out of trouble.

Anonymous said...

Great post Daniela...exactly! The intelligent social economy is driving the new web. We are the market and we are conversing. Our manifesto is simply to empower the people with vision and give a voice to those with something to say. This is social media in its purest sense and those along for the ride will benefit immeasurably. And yes, we have a cocktail or two along the way to keep us motivated. ;)

Anonymous said...

Thinks back to dry pipeline reports in October/November.....