Sunday, October 29, 2006

Social Bookmarking in the Enterprise- bridges being built

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Last week i posted some thoughts about Social Bookmarking in the Enterprise which once again lead to some interesting conversations internally with some of my colleagues, in my comments section and at three different client meetings. I love the fact that i can blog about things that interest me and i feel are important to think about in the Enterprise information delivery space and folks will join the 'conversation' in whichever format they feel comfortable with. Good to see the Blog at work!

I was just checking out Emanuele Quintarelli's blog InfoSpaces and saw this post as a follow-up to the ASIS&T EuroIA conference. Emanuele has one of those cool Web 2.0 job titles at Reed Business Information. The presentation was on 'FaceTag' and they have the slides up at Slideshare. What they are trying to address is:

A middle ground between the pure democracy of bottom-up tagging and the empirical determinism of top- down controlled vocabularies. A new metadata ecology which merges and leverages emerging and traditional tools to improve findability and user experience.

While looking at the ASIS&T site i noticed that the BBC had done a poster session at the conference as well on this subject- a little more digging found me this piece in the November Bulletin about their changing approach to Metadata which presents an interesting overview of how they are approaching the bridging of the traditional and new social tagging tools.

I just RSVP'd for this week's SF Tech Sessions event because the main theme this month is SocialBookmarking and i am sure to learn something as well as meet some folks that are very interested in this topic.

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