Sunday, October 22, 2006

Reuters bureau and first company launch on Second Life

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This week the first company to be launched in Second Life will be making its debut. Neville Hobson one of the people behind crayon from "“For Immediate Release: " The Hobson & Holtz Report, blogs that crayon is a true mash-up that combines the best in traditional and new thinking about marketing, advertising and PR.

Last week i posted about Sun Microsystem's Second Life conference and the participation by companies keeps growing per this comment on TechCrunch.

Interestingly enough the publishing community is also participating with Reuters opening up bureau in Second Life and CNET already launched this summer. The Daily Graze has a good write up on Reuters with more details as well as this piece at The news will be 'real' news as well as stories from SecondLife- like land disputes, service launches etc. I have no doubt that a crayon story is forthcoming. The Reuters RSS reader that people can use in their spaces is pretty cool but the most interesting is the Discuss an Article feature that the DailyGraze writes about:

Once a company establishes a presence in Second Life, we always ask, "“What will bring people back to your island?" The answer for Reuters is… the news!. On all of the RSS readers, there is a "“touch to chat”" function. If a news piece is interesting to a reader and they want to discuss the articles with others they can click a button on the readers. They are then presented with options to submit their name to chat with other, display a list of others who want to chat, and provide teleport to a discussion room on Reuters'’ Island. When that juicy Ginko or Anshe Chung Studios news hits the Reuters wire head to the Reuters sim and discuss it with others. The building is arranged to have discussion areas for each feed category and they display Reuters' video feeds when available.

Much of the Second Life communication is done via IM Chat features-how many times have you IM'd a news article to a friend or colleague to 'discuss'- I do it all the time. Would i do it in Second Life? Maybe but I just can't seem to find time to live a second life although i tried months ago when Business Week put it on their cover. What is going to be the compelling reason for me to do so? Going to conferences and trainings, listening to speakers - yes i think so- but living a second life- with land and another activities? not sure. Interesting to see where Reuters is looking to invest their money that they will get from the sale of Factiva- but if i was them i wouldn't spend all my money there...

If you are new to Second Life
and are asking what is daniela talking about ? here is a quick Introduction to Second Life that talks about some of the economic possibilities.

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