Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Cheers to Sun

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ok call me a dork- i am and proud-but how cool is the fact that Sun Microsystems held a press conference in Second Life? Looks like among others at Sun, John Gage got it back then and gets it now.

I have to say that if the audience they are looking for are folks like me (perhaps with a little more buying power!), they have the right hook. I have met some great folks at sun in the last year and recently had the pleasure to take a tour of the Executive Briefing Center (with a walk by appearance by Scott McNealy) at the Menlo Park location and i am really impressed with what Sun is focusing on.

On the way work the other day i also watched the Robert Scoble's Podtech interview with Jonathan Schwartz. Here are my un-edited notes (well i corrected spelling) that i typed into my Blackberry on the BART as i watched:
  • Free software or access to services grab early adopters
  • Developers develop applications with open source people want to use those apps- they then buy or influence the buyers
  • Tipping effect
  • the majority of people in the world will see the internet first on the phone
  • i have an official huge crush on JS
  • Jonathan talks like other bloggers i am and run into-"on my blog i said", "on my blog i say"
  • IT as a competitive advantage vs IT as a cost center but as an enabler to their business
  • flower shop example- sun doesn't service customers who see IT as a cost center
  • big providers- look at the internet as a way to increase revenue and need to develop things that are more relevant to those enterprises
  • electricity- not just running fast-eco responsibilities -he plays an eco hippie on tv -Ha-
  • he wished Robert a bubble-ha-ha!
  • folks that drive IT decisions is what he cares about. And how it can grow his business --save money on power- good for you and me

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