Thursday, October 12, 2006

Salesforce and Office 2.0

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So i was at the Salesforce's Dreamforce conference on Monday and Tuesday of this week which i really learned a lot from since i focused on attending as many sessions as i could. Today and tomorrow i am attending the Office 2.0 conference.

At today's conference one of the announcements made was the Google Docs announcement, a blog post points to some code that says that it will soon be integrated into i can see that integration to be very useful for Salesforce users.

There were many other small startups today demoing and talking about Office 2.0 spreadsheet and word web functionality- Google is not focused on them they want the microsoft desktop- but their stratedy because they are changing the business models is not to follow them from the forefront- is to deliver just enough functionality to the consumer- family, school teachers and students etc.get them hooked define the feature functions and then you know what can happen.

Brian Solis has a nice overview of who was at the pre-conference get together at the SF MOMA on Tuesday night and many others are blogging about the Office 2.0 conference. It is true that we got ipods as swag- with conference notes, calendar and bios- very cool way to distribute conference information, you can also get more information from the demo sites you visit.

I will have more thoughts about the conference tomorrow (i got home in time for another great sunset but have been sitting at the kitchen counter catching up on 'real' work), but i am agreeing that a lot of the panel and demo focus today was on the 'replacement' of office productivity software (Microsoft office) with web based applications- in order to make an impact on the enterprise, we need to not only change the business model but provide added value to the end users.

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Brian Solis said...

Hey Daniela, thank you for the h/t. I had to run to Santa Cruz for a client meeting today...are you in SF tomorrow? Call me on my cell, let's talk Social Media...