Sunday, October 08, 2006

Dreamforce User and Developer Conference

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I am going to be attending's Dreamforce User and Developer Conference this week. I am really looking forward to the conference. Not only are a lot of my clients customers, i really like how these folks run their business. For example, here are things that i have been keeping my eye on that always give me ideas of how customers could integrate customer intelligence information into sales and marketing workflows:
  • Official blog
  • AppExchange blog where they among other things post about the App of the Week
  • Popular Ideas- IdeaExchange From the site "IdeaExchange is a forum where customers can suggest new product concepts, promote favorite enhancements, interact with product managers and other customers, and preview what we are planning to deliver". According to the site has released over 6500 individual customer's product ideas (no time frame defined but still impressive)
  • Here you can find some Best Practices discussions
Also cool is the ConnectonDemand tool that was given to all attendees. Update your profile and your interests around the conference and then you can connect to others. Once you have your profile in the system other attendees can request to contact you. I have already reached out to a couple of attendees. The ConnectonDemand conference tool is by Leverage Software and one of the tools is a PeopleMap that let's you create a map of people you should be looking out for based on their interests. There are a lot of service providers in the bunch which i suspect is typical of these tools. From what i have read this conference has doubled in size from last year to 5000.

I just spent way to much time looking at blogs on the topic of I am not going to be blogging from this event-might however post things of interest afterwards and will be blogging internally to share things with my co-workers but here are some folks that will probably be in case you are interested:
Here is the ConnectOnDemand badge that I produced.

Join Me at ConnectOnDemand!

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