Saturday, October 07, 2006

did you hear, how did you know?

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folks are always asking me how i have time to keep up with everything that is going on in the technology space especially things that are impacting or will impact my enterprise customers. It isn't easy, especially when i have weeks like this one where i have been traveling and onsite for many a client meeting with many follow-ups! I have posted about it before but as more and more is being produced and delivery methods are evolving- the tools are changing and my absorption methods are as well.

My RSS feed reader where i combine blog feeds, web site feeds and premium content subscriptions is still my favorite way to absorb and keep my eyes on things- Why? because i know:
  • which feeds i want to read first- the 'news breaking' bloggers
  • which ones i go to when thinking about a specific customers - the 'customer intelligence' bloggers
  • where the technical products reviews and product releases are that are not going to hit the mainstream for a while- the 'web 2.0' monitors
  • which ones have have industry specific information- ' the information/content delivery' bloggers
  • the friends and acquintences- 'the i have met so many smart people in the last year' bloggers
But over the last few months i have been using news filters. Techmeme is one that i have really been turning to find out what is happening and who is talking to whom. The philosophy behind Techmeme is here. i have being running into Gabe Rivera at various events and besides have a great concept on his hands and executing on it quite well, he seems to be a super nice guy. I just added a Techmeme widget to my blog on the right side- so now you to can read what i am reading.

what i have noticed is that from a political perspective my participation in consuming information has drastically been reduced. For world news coverage- i turn old fashion and go to New York Times as well as The Wall Street Journal (free print from the 11th floor of my building since we are part of the Dow Jones companies) but i do try to keep true to my political interests and go to the Huffington Post daily and have the luxury of having my own political news aggregator in my husband.

Podcasts and more and more Videocasts (or whatever you want to call them) are also becoming a big part of my consumption pattern. I have been trying to create an OPML feed to put on my blog of podcasts i listen to for the last 30min. however it is absolutely gorgeous out today and i must go out and play among the music lovers- so i will save that for later!

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Jordan Adler said...


Sorry for the belated comment to this post--but I think you answered the "how do you keep up" answer fairly well. While I am still playing with a few readers, it surely helps to get the information processed much quicker with feeds.

In fact, it most likely is the only decent way from a time/value perspective.