Sunday, May 21, 2006

Bay Area Living - Wavy turning 70

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Ok at times i admit i was born around 25 years too late. My formulative years (which continue!) were spent listening to music from the Rolling Stones to Bob Dylan and of course the Grateful Dead fit in there very nicely. Last night we went to Wavy Gravy's 70 birthday bash at the Berkeley Community Theatre. The line-up was highlighted by Gillian Welch and David Rawlings (one of my current favorites) and the legendary David Lindley. We have certainly seen Wavy before at different shows and stuff (you used to be able to find him at many summer festivals)- but it was great to see him on stage in Berkeley, especially in between sets sharing stories of the good old days. The Google folks also did a map-ograpy of Wavy's life using google maps and pictures and John Gage, Sun's Chief Researcher- spoke about being on the bus with Wavy back in the day. all very cool..

We go out to see a lot of music in the area and are starting to repeat venues quite a bit. There are some great venues in the Bay Area here is a tasting of where we were at this month:

Great America Music Hall-this is a beautiful place. we just saw Gary Louris and Mark Olson (of The Jayhawks)- if you haven't heard of the Jayhawks - you should check them out
The Fillmore- we just saw Sun Volt
The Warfield (weird they do not have a website?)- we just saw Phil Lesh and Friends- with Larry Campbell who is great and is one of the former guitar players for Bob Dylan

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