Thursday, September 21, 2006

Web 2.0 in Job Titles


Here in the Bay area people have told me before that titles don't really matter. Mine currently is a Solutions Architect, and sometimes i feel like "Art Vandelay" when i say it out loud- although i do architect information delivery solutions for clients- the Architect piece sometimes irks me especially when i try to explain to someone outside of the tech industry- no i can not help you build that patio addition to your house!

This morning when i checked my e-mail, i reviewed my LinkedIn updates- one of them was an update from Emanuele Quintarelli, who has moved from Accenture to Reed Business Information a Reed Elsevier company. I can't quite remember how Emanuele got on my LinkedIn connections but i do peak in on his blog Infospaces every once in a while for some good reading on items of interest to me like social bookmarking in the Enterprise.

Emanuele's new title at Reed Business Information is, Web 2.0 Research & Development Director. From his LinkedIn profile:
Lead Researcher, Strategist and Project Manager for web 2.0 business models and applications (User generated content, Partecipative Architectures, Collaborative Tagging and Annotation, Rich Internet Applications, Web and Service oriented architectures).

Sounds like a great position that will help Reed a publisher of information for business professionals take a lead in delivering content to today's new work force that demands more from the information that is made available to them. I applaud Reed and/or Emanuele
whomever came up with that focused position first!

I did a quick job search for web 2.0 within job titles that have been recently posted on job boards and i couldn't find many that actually looked like they had web 2.0 in the title but did in the description.

SimplyHire- 86 hits
Monster - couldn't find a search by title option?
Yahoo Hotjobs: - 8 hits
Indeed- (67 hits on sept 24th when updated with corrected link)
i also noticed the left side refinement features by Title,Company,Location,Job Type and Employer or Recruiter posted.

Updated- Thanks to Rony Kahan of who posted a comment with a link to's trending tool -pretty cool - but you know what would be great? (and remember this is coming from an archivist who works for a company with a 30yr+ archive) if you could click on points to get those job postings from months ago (i however think that a lot of job sites remove their posts). That would be a great tool for management that is looking to 'name' new positions or see what competitors are doing? Or is there a tool that does that already?
Poking around also found a "Where are the jobs" real time map with click through. very nice.

Quick glance- pointed to many developer and UI positions.

Do you know of other positions that have Web 2.0 within the title in the publishing industry? Perhaps we might be calling it something else like 'new media'? Or maybe existing job titles/roles are just looking at information delivery in a Web 2.0 world? I know that at Factiva we are.

Well best of luck
Emanuele Quintarelli! Looking forward to 'hearing' more-


Emanuele Quintarelli said...

Daniela, thank you for the review.

I'm very honoured to have this opportunity in Reed Business Information and as you can read on my post , I deeply believe in the vision that RBI already has. It was really astonishing getting to talk with international CEOs and seeing that they understand what's is going on the web in a very detailed way.

This is something really new for me because I'm in Italy (the position is actually a little international) and here the only web 2.0 examples are basically spare time one-man free projects.

For the title: It was me actually proposing the last version (you know coming out with a web 2.0 title isn't easy stuff :D ) but I think that it fully describes my role and responsibilities.

I had a look to positions in SimplyHire and Indeed. They all seem US based jobs and a noteful aspect is that also very specialized companies like IBM and Ebay are searching..

I would like to know about other european positions.


Jeremiah Owyang said...

Sounds like a great Opportunity fro Emanuele.

The job demand for folks that understand web2.0 or who can implement social media, or are engineers in this new era are hot in demand.

I just did an informay study here: on a few terms

Rony said...

Hi Daniela, has a job trends tool which you might find useful.

Here is a link to the trend of seeing "web 2.0" in job titles:

Emanuele said...

the tool is pretty nice.

The need for web 2.0 positions seems quickly growing but the total number is really really small even in the us (<0.002%.

Do you know about similar titles in europe?

Thank you

daniela barbosa said...

Thanks Rony.

I have updated the post with the corrected link. Thanks for pointing me to the Web Trends features as well. I think i might have answered some of my own questions about archiving by reading this post . I certainly think it is interesting that job search sites like are used for things above and beyond tradition user job searching like Journalists, Hiring managers and Competitive Awareness. I will point some of my customers your way that are doing some very interesting things behind the firewall with recruitment, trending and competitive fact finding.

indeed good reading on your blog as well

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