Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Social bookmarking in the Enterprise

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Back in May i posted about social booking in the enterprise which actually lead to some interesting conversations- including a comment from Steve Eisner from AskMe Corporation. Steve posts on the subject are very insightful and i was actually very ambitious back in May and even printed out a copy of some posts i wanted to digest since they are detailed. you can see what happened to the paper version on the pic-it has traveled with me on three business trips (NJ,MT,ID) coffee spill and all! i finally took some time to digest - so definitely take a look at Steve's Social Life blog.

Today, TechCrunch reviews ConnectBeam, a weeks-old startup -even their pricing model is interesting- The first five users per domain are free and a tiered pricing system will start once an organization's user base has grown beyond five-obviously an application like this would grow organically- get the early adopters to use it and promote it and then others will join and budget money will be found. Using this functionality to for example share and retain the knowledge of research during a project would be very valuable to enterprises that are looking to manage their knowledge. I am sure will see more social bookmarking inside the firewall applications in the next few months.

A couple of other bloggers are also talking about ConnectBeam.

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Steve Eisner said...

Thanks for the kind words, Daniela!

There are lots of us out here trying to figure out how the idea of "Enterprise 2.0" will manifest itself :) I'm particularly interested in bookmarking, but my next series will be an attempt to pick apart feeds & RSS the same way.

I've taken a little time off from writing words in order to write code. Milestone completed, I'll be back to read/write soon - meanwhile I've been enjoying your blog as well!