Monday, May 22, 2006

Bob Dylan Turning 65- Come celebrate at the Hotel Utah

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Bob happens to be top on my list and tomorrow we will be celebrating his 65th birthday (actually on the 24th but we will start early!) at the Hotel Utah.

If you have followed Bob's career you know that he constantly changes what he is doing- i think it is great that Bob is DJing Theme Time Radio hour on XM and taking advantage of new technology to continue to entertain his fans. I am sure that this new venue will grow his current fan base and re-engage those fans that over the years have stopped listening to the new stuff he is producing. His Theme Hours have been great to listen to as he introduces the songs and the song selections are songs that you probably won't hear anywhere else. Wednesday's radio theme is Baseball.

So Bob Dylan adopts new technology to continue to entertain and even talks about cyberspace and fuzzy logic-at 65 what else did we expect?

If you are in town and what to come celebrate- you know where i will be. My husband, will be playing in two of the bands, Crooked Roads and Warehouse House and a bunch of our work colleagues and friends will be out.

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