Thursday, May 25, 2006

Innovation Creators Need Enterprise Blogs

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Rod Boothby a blogger at Innovation Creators has a great 'screencast' that he just posted about Enterprise Blogs. i encourage you to view/listen in to this 16min video. Aside from making some great points about innovation and blogs as a productivity tool, he also shares how his company uses internal blogs (he works at a big 4 consulting firm). i have been reading his Blog for a couple of weeks now and Rod and i would probably get along very nicely because i am right there with the following:

Enterprises must turn knowledge workers into innovation creators, innovation creators need to know what is going on, they believe in reciprocal altruism and trust that they will eventually be rewarded. Innovation creators need enterprise Blogs...

Back in February, i blogged about Corporate Internal Blogs and mentioned that at my company we had an internal blog that had been put together for the launch of the Search 2.0 product. I have no idea what happened to that blog as it was hidden in the first place and i think it just died a quick death, but just recently during my Sales Club trip as we discussed 'business strategy ' (yes they made us work) i brought up the fact that we should definitely use blogs in our enterprise to communicate and share knowledge. I know that some internal groups like product development are using wikis and blogs that they themselves have set up, but so far it has been absent from the enterprise portal. I don't have the luxury of having a web server on the enterprise network like they do, so no dice for me to go off and do something by myself. I recently asked one of the portal administrators if we were looking at any blogging tools because i am desperately trying to get one going for myself (i truly believe in reciprocal altruism but i honestly i will tell you it is really hard when you get nothing back and you start to lose trust that your colleagues will reward you-i have faith that a blog type tool could bring that trust back) as far as i know, we don't have anything and the recommendation came back to look at SharePoint capabilities (not in this version of SP will i get what i want!). i just repinged him...just trying to push the Corporate Membranes.

Another spin on 'enterprise blogs' is within a vendor<>client relationship. i have used shared sites before during client engagements to share meeting minutes, project plans etc. mostly static information that is produced with other software. i am currently working with a client and we have decided as a follow-up to a best practices session, we would create a 'blog-like' environment to encourage the conversation to continue. Their culture promotes the use of blogs and i am hoping that this would be a great way to connect the dots with various people in that organization about information delivery concepts that our key contacts are discussing with us.

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I saw it too...great video about Blogs

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