Monday, January 08, 2007

Got Content? Will a successful Metadata Strategy help you unlock your content's business value?

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Can you believe it? Officially it has now been two years since i moved to California from the east coast. I have to say that it has been a blast and i have certainly assimilated into the California lifestyle fully! But one of the things i still miss most about being in New Jersey (aside from the pizza and bagels of course) is spending time with my product group back at our corporate headquarters. Every once in a while they come out to visit with clients- but certainly not enough for me to get my fix. So i need to fill my curiosity by reading what is put out there in general internal and external communications, scanning the internal teamsites, playing in the integration sites and asking a lot of questions. That helps with the short and long term product stuff- but what i really like is hearing them talk about content industry trends and what we see in the marketplace.

Tomorrow morning, 8am PST/11am EST i will be getting a little fix by attending a webinar on the business value of a successful metadata strategy and listening to Greg Merkle impart some of his wisdom. Greg is the Associate Vice President of Product Design at Dow Jones and will be leading this webinar. For the past 13 years Greg has been responsible for driving Human Factors and User Interface Design and currently runs the Product Design Group at Factiva Dow Jones.

i am a HUGE FAN of Greg's and have learned a lot from him over the years around building information solutions that address enterprise users' needs.

If you can join us, register here- if you can't or you are reading this after the fact and are still interested we will be providing a recorded version afterwards so drop me a line [daniela[dot]] and i will send you the information.

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