Sunday, January 07, 2007

Connect Experiences coming to you soon- hey i might have just had one reporting on CES from my kitchen

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I am not at CES this week, but like past years i am keeping an eye on what is happening there. I am not a gadget or hardware girl- just know that what consumers use/want to ingest content will eventually come into the enterprise and i better be ready. This year however i feel more connected then ever-could be that i am listening better since i have been involved in what is happening in Silicon Valley - but it is also because of the coverage the blogger community and content providers like Podtech, and Engadget are already delivering from the conference. (Nicolas Carr has started an interesting conversation on this topic).

Typical of my media consumption habits, this afternoon i started reading some blog posts from CES attendees, waited for Robert Scoble to post the lunch interview will Bill Gates on Podtech (a great interview session) and then setup up my laptop on my kitchen counter to watch the Bill Gates CES keynote as i made Rissóis de Camarão for dinner. I just got a new video camera so i figured i would play around with it. One of the main topics that Microsoft is talking about is the "Connected Experience" and most of the keynote was dedicated to this topic. I feel like i kinda had a connected experience with Bill this evening, here is why:

Gates spent some time talking about the connected home with some cool examples as usual. Since i was in the middle of making dough for my Rissóis , when he showed the kitchen counter with the recipes projected on the counter i got super excited and exclaimed out loud 'i want one'. In the beginning of this video you see me ALT/Tab to check something in the recipe, if the recipe was projected on my counter, with an interactive size graphic for my dough ball (how cool is that!!) it would be a truly connected experience and for someone like me who constantly uses web recipes to try new things a very cool gadget indeed!

I just got this new camera (love it already) so I don't have video editing software and i am hopefully moving on to a iMac soon so i used Window Movie Maker to make this video which i had never used before- not bad. I still have a lot to learn about video outputs so i hope this looks ok, although i see a huge improvement from my other videos.

Update: check out the Podtech BlogHaus front page for ongoing coverage

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