Sunday, January 07, 2007

Visit to Podtech's new offices - they create content with some pretty cool content creators on board

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On Thursday Jeremiah was kind enough to invite me to come by and visit the new Podtech offices in Palo Alto so i could check out the new digs and we could catch up on a couple of things including some follow up items from the recent Social Media roundtable event. They have a great office space right next to the Wall Street Journal printing plant in Palo Alto that sometimes i work out of. Old content meet new content- right next door.

So far i love most of the stuff that Podtech has out there. I admit that i started paying attention like most others did in the summer when Robert Scoble went over there from Microsoft and i faithfully watch the ScobleShow, listen to Jennifer Jones's Marketing Voices, their news channel and had some chuckles this weekend over some of the Lunch Meet interviews.

I definitely think that the content they are producing is valuable for enterprise users who need to keep up with the topics they cover. Since i work for an enterprise content aggregator, just like the services i deliver to the enterprise have television and radio transcripts, i could see podtech transcripts (with links to audio/video), that are indexed with meta data being in our archive just like any other content provider.

While there- i got to see some of the very nice folks who work there including Robert Scoble- he was busy so we really didn't get to talk- although i did ask him a question i have been wanting to ask- how come Maryam does all the chick interviews?- i think he thought i was giving him crap about the fact there there are almost no female bloggers on his link blog- but i wasn't- i was just wondering if he would just giggle too much through an interview- although i am sure it is still hard to find a C-level female executive at high tech companies, let's see who he decides to tackle first.

I look forward to seeing what else Podtech has up their sleeve in the upcoming months.

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