Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Social Media Roundtable round-up

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It is a great feeling when something that you put a lot of effort and love into goes well. i can honestly say that i am extremely pleased with how the social media roundtable event that we hosted last night turned out. i have a lot of people to thank like my factiva colleagues Glenn Fannick, Matt Toll, Sally Hammond and Saurabh Goorha but the biggest shout out goes to Jeremiah Owyang who:

1.) inspired me to take this on and to use the social media tools and connections i have made to involve key members of the community

2.) volunteered with passion to be our master facilitator and came up with a great exercise to gather the attributes that are the most important to the attendees.

Glenn Fannick who is part of our product development group posted some of his initial thoughts on his blog and i agree that my head is also spinning from all the things we discussed. Today the factiva team spent some time debriefing from the event. Before leaving to go back to the east coast, i managed to convince Glenn to sit in front of the camera and share his thoughts on the outcome of the event and what we intend on doing as next steps. The great thing is that the conversation is already started (see links below).

We are committed to taking what we learned and incorporating these needs into our product strategy in order to meet the needs of our customers. Take a listen to the video- and please feel free to post a video response if you attended with your thoughts!

One of the things that i find to be the most fascinating is that we will have the opportunity to apply some of the metrics that we discussed during our session as to the affect of the social media being produced by this event- our internal PR group will hold us to that. The entire event- about social media-was driven by social media

So far the output has been the production of social media and attendees are posting on blogs, photo sites and video sites- so how will factiva measure the outcome of this event? We plan on sharing that information back into the community so watch this space.

Current Event Resources:

I am skipping town for the next few days heading south for some R&R- i have a lot to think about and chew on and i certainly look forward to reading even more thoughts and engaging questions and conversation on this topic when i get back!

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