Sunday, December 03, 2006

Content Business Scaling?

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Ok one more piece of consumption before i turn off this computer (and now i am also watching today's rerun of 'Meet the Press' with Jimmy Carter on a real TV).

Went over to Techmeme before putting down the 'chalupa' (my husband's loving term for my laptop) to take a look at some of the top blogging topics. I have posted before about how i like Techmeme and it helps me keep on top of hot topics in the blogsphere.

There i found this meme on how content businesses don't scale anymore starting with a post by Scott Karp in his blog Publishing 2.0 with some interesting comments and then some additional pickups which i am sure will continue tomorrow. Since Karp defines original content businesses to be producers like Weblogs, Inc., Gawker, TechCrunch, Paid Content as part of his scaling i don't think he is talking about traditional media producers but rather what some call new media producers but of course it is an interesting conversation because everyone is competing for the same eyeballs.

I work for a premium enterprise content aggregator- aggregating content from over 10,000 unique publications from newspapers, newswires, pictures to transcripts for the Enterprise user to use to make business decisions. As an aggregator we have been owned by two media producers (Dow Jones and Reuters) since 1999. This October Dow Jones announced that they would buy out Reuters' 50% share of the business. Do i think this is one strategy for a traditional media producer (as i define media producer) to scale the traditional content business? yes.

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Jeffrey said...

That's the second-best married-person euphemism for "chalupa" I've ever heard.