Thursday, October 19, 2006

Factiva- now a Dow Jones and Dow Jones Company

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A whole bunch of folks pinged me yesterday and today about the news that Dow Jones is purchasing the Reuters' Interest in Factiva and asked me what i thought about it. As i have posted before, i have been with Factiva since its inception and through its challenges and it triumphs over the last 7 years, i feel very passionate about what we are doing in the enterprise space when it comes to delivering business information. I am very excited about the possibilities that will now be available to Factiva, especially to the consulting services group that i have been part of for the last 3+years. I probably won't post anymore on this until the purchase goes through but if you want to talk more about it-contact me directly.

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glennfan said...

Daniela, As you know, we've had a successful joint venture for 7 years -- something that's not too common. And after being a child that brough two competing parents together, we're off on the adventure of being a one-parent child. Changes are always a bit scary and there's some of that around Princeton HQ, but I'd say the mood is mostly business-as-usual. We have clients to serve and year-end goals to meet. It's so busy there's hardly time to think much about it for now. One thing's certain, it will be interesting.