Sunday, December 03, 2006

Some of My Media Consumption Habits

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I have a lot of habits- some good ones and others not so good- hey no one is perfect. Over the weekend as i was trying to catch up (which is honestly just impossible) i gave some thought to my media consumption habits and how they are continuously changing because of multiple things such as:
  • changes in the production of the media itself
  • different needs in my consumption cycles and attention triggers
  • abundance in production (multiple media covering the same topics)
  • that i am a self professed information junkie
  • that i look at media consumption through the lense of multiple enterprise worker roles (sales, marketing, product etc.)
  • i constantly experiment with consuming different media types using different tools
Per the photo on the top right, this weekend (cause it was just so nice out) i sat on the deck with a stack of magazines and print outs that i have had on my desk for weeks that i wanted to get to. That is my great dane Townes he encourages me read print instead of digital by drooling on the paper instead of my laptop. I just posted about some of the highlights i read this weekend.
I ingest information in multiple ways here is a short clip of me talking about my media consumption:

While i was writing up this and the previous post, i was catching up on the Scoble show over at PodTech , i am sure it was my wireless connection but i just couldn't resist getting this on tape- 'duh- so who are you' make sure you turn up the volume for a good chuckle- sorry robert. yes obviously i need some rest from consuming media this weekend.

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