Thursday, December 14, 2006

Offline access- i can easily manage podcasts and video but why not blogs?

Back from a couple days of R&R in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. The view to the left is pretty much the view from my pool side chair were the nice staff at the Villa De Arco kept bringing me fruity drinks to keep my mind off work and blogs (i went cold turkey with no laptop or blackberry for 5 days-except for the sneak gmail access to make sure a client project launched successfully-it did!).
At one point i said to dylan that i was going to walk around the pool with my video camera and ask people if they knew what a 'blog' was since last week's social media roundtable got me thinking about the influence of the blog outside of the day to day world the "bloggers" live in. After the evil stare down i went for a swim to cool down on that idea....

So i got back on Tuesday night, flew to Seattle for the day Wednesday then back to the office today and out to the East Bay for a client appointment this afternoon- catching up on work email (yes it needs an overhaul in how it is being used in the enterprise) and getting some things out before i leave for a much longer holiday on Saturday morning did not leave me much time to read through all my blog RSS and factiva feeds, email newsletters, and follow memes but got some stuff reviewed this evening- just catching up on Jeremiah's blog takes a while if you miss a couple days and before i got on the plane yesterday i loaded his blog as well as some others on my browser so i could read the posts offline. Of course that leads to issues- not being able to follow links- or leave comments.

Here is an idea-So i am headed to Europe for the holidays so i am jamming up my iPod with podcasts and videos to catch up on, would love to also be able to simply send some blog posts to an offline mode (with the follow through primary links) without much hassle and without losing the cached page if i close my browser window- anyone know of a tool that does that?


Pam Wood said...

Hi Daniela; I don't have an answer to your question... however, I wanted to let you know I'm glad you enjoyed your stay in Los Cabos! I enjoyed it here so much during my visits that I moved here a year and a half ago! I am getting in selling Real Estate here, and wanted to let you know that if you refer anyone to me who either buys or sells through me in the next year, I will give you 25% of my net commission. Please write to me at
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Jeremiah Owyang said...

I've not heard of a tool but that's a great idea...

here, I can summarize all my posts for you

Web is great, many busineses need help, the end.