Sunday, November 19, 2006

RSS cleaning leads to finding new HP Executive Blog on "The Changing face of Media"

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I was organizing my RSS feeds this afternoon- something i do every once in a while in batch mode when i feel like things are getting out of control and i am not getting the value that i should be getting. I still find the Bloglines interface for organizing my feeds weak and since i recently imported my OPML files into Google Reader, i used Google's manage subscriptions features to quickly move things around to represent what my world is looking like today. Once i have the OPML file updated to my current attention requirements i can import the same profile to some of the other feed aggregation tools i am currently using/trying (more on that soon).

Today after some deletions, i started categorizing my 'customer' feeds in named company groupings instead of the one customer bucket that i have been using which follows a growing trend when their are multiple bloggers i track for each company. i have posted before about my use of blogs to engage with customers and my feed reader is certainly one of the tools i use.

My customer feeds are either corporate sponsored blogs, executive or employee sanctioned blogs like the Sun , HP, and Microsoft blog rolls or blogs of people who i read, or found somewhere and know where they work. Folks are usually open about who they work for and sometimes looking at someone's 'About' page or their LinkedIn profile can provide valuable information about where they work and what they actually do.

How do i try to find relevant blogs that will help me engage with my clients?

Aside from keeping my eyes out for new blogs to add as i travel around the blogsphere reading people's comments and following links, i use sites like the Fortune 500 Business Blogging Wiki, as well as Debbie Weil's BlogWrite for CEOs (right side bottom) and just also found the new Fortune 500 Blog Project Wiki. All great resources if you want to find out who is blogging in the top companies which tend to be my focus. I also keep Google Blog Alerts and Technorati searches with top company names (although the noise factor is quite loud there because they tend to be companies that are mentioned quite often in the blogsphere).

There however doesn't seem to be a tool to alert you of new blogs that you might be interested in at this point. So today, i also went to check out the main executive blog listing site for HP to see if there were any new blogs and found that there is a new blog on "The Changing Face of Media" which i immediately subscribed to. From the blog description:
Mary Bermel (Director of Interactive) and Scott Berg (Worldwide Media Director) both will discuss the fast paced and changing interactive and media marketplace that has impact not only in the tech industry but for other industries as well. They will discuss they're own experiences, trends, challenges, business models, changing technology, and consumer insights. In addition, they'll comment on what they see and hear about other companies and HP'’s own experience in managing media.

The most recent post by Mary Bermel is about User generated content and asks what the right approach for marketers is to take in social network environments. The next post she writes will be on examples that she thinks truly develop community which i am looking forward to reading. Eric Kintz's blog is also another good read with the latest post about Corporate Blogging in Europe (he is VP of Global Marketing Strategy & Excellence for HP).

I am satisfied with my latest cleaning efforts.

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