Saturday, November 18, 2006

Guess i am cool because i am passionate

One of my colleagues in corporate Glenn Fannick thinks that i am the coolest Factiva employee- if cool is being passionate then i will take it.

Over the last few months Glenn and I have been been having some great conversations about monitoring and measuring media- both main stream media and consumer and corporate generated media. If you take some time there are many others that are talking about the same topic on the web (i will post some links another day because it is a gorgeous day today and taking the dog for a walk on the ridge convinced me that i want to go out and play!)

I of course think Glenn is way cooler then me because he really understands the inner workings of the Insight Product Suite- he is the middle of the product development group. When he comes out here next month we are going to change the fact that i only now the top level stuff (i really haven't been involved in this product line this year but my attention obviously keeps going to it).

Our Social Media Roundtable event next month is now filled with some great folks which is very exciting but i am thinking that with Glenn in town perhaps we should also organize an informal get-together with some other 'cool' folks that are in the middle of talking about the same thing. I will try to work something out. If you are interested drop me a line daniela[dot]barbosa{at}


Jeremiah Owyang said...

I think you're both cool! Your Passion for life, work, and information is spreading!

Jordan Adler said...

Hi Daniela:

I like some of your posts of late,in particular this one. Passionate = cool. Keep it up!