Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Amanda Congdon to report on "verified information"

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Ok this is precious- i need to get to sleep but instead i am reading about how Amanda Congdon is going to report the facts

with her new gig at ABC via the Frank Barnako's MarketWatch Media Blog: "I do want the news show to have a certain amount of integrity," she told Business Week. "While I will be giving commentary," the 25-year-old actress continued, "this will be information that has been verified." .... "It's ABC News, so it definitely needs to be not false information."

Frank Barnako comments that he couldn't make this stuff up- i agree he couldn't- because he works for MarketWatch and writes one of their official blogs, but now a days of course you can never i even checked the Business Week article myself- because you know i don't want to report any false information here......

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