Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Participatation in the buying cycle instead of shopping

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I have been reading Martin Hardee's blog Sun.com Design, Usability & Other Stuff for a while now and always like to read the behind the scenes at Sun.com that Hardee posts. He recently posted about Sun.com's website redesign. I was just about to leave him a comment but is seems that his posts are closed for comments so i will leave my comment here.

I really like what Sun is doing and if you have read my blog before you notice that i am a big Sun fan and what they are doing in the marketplace with social media (and that i have a huge crush on JS). But putting that aside, their recent redesign is one to be admired because they are trying to have visitors become more participants then 'shoppers'.

Hardee points us to the new "activity boxes" at the bottom of the page were they have added 4 panels down below that provide "windows into Sun", including a "Participate" box that showcases Jonathan Schwartz's recent blog postings and (if you click on the grey arrow on that box) views into recent blogs from the Sun blogroll community. I also like the addition of the 'Discover' feature because it takes a visitor who might not know what they are looking for to find something of potential interest. In his post he talks a bit about the design choices- leaving the existing page structure etc.. Hopefully there will be more posts with additional tidbits of information on their choices and decisions. I think that the use of specific words (Discovery,Participate, Find & Buy (instead of Shop for products), Stay Connected) is another indication that Sun wants its customers to participate and not just buy. Kudos well done.

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