Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Tag you're It- Five things you didn't know about me

Ok i have been double tagged for the "Tag you're it" five things you didn't know about me meme that started over on Jeff Pulver's Blog. I got tagged by Ian Kennedy who i have known for going on 8 years (can you believe it?) as well as Greg 'Fred Gregarious ' Narain who i have known for around 8 weeks but it feels like a lifetime.

Here it goes:

1. i have seen Bob Dylan hundreds of times all around the world and spent a small fortune which i would do over and over again
2. my first job out of college was driving a forklift in a warehouse and within a couple of weeks on the job i supervised a team of 5 guys-i did that for over a year and when i left i made sure another woman took my job
3. i have a 130lb great dane who likes popcorn
4. i received a double major in women and labor studies (with a full scholarship) before heading off to Library school for my Masters. i am a 21st century feminist
5. i always wanted to study computer science and be a full fledged geek, but was always made to feel that i was bad at math and that i wouldn't cut it (and honestly my freshman year calculus grade was sad). i turned geek anyway and one day will learn to program beyond the simple basics.

The rule is you pay the tag forward so 5 lucky bloggers here you go:

Jordan Alder
Chris Saad
Mary Smaragdis
Jeffrey McManus
Glenn Fannick


Jeffrey said...

Done: http://mcmanus.typepad.com/grind/2006/12/five_things_you.html

Chris said...

Done! :)