Monday, December 18, 2006

Companies using social media can't just be visitors

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Another blogging Factivite (should we now be referenced as Dowjonesites?) blogs over at Guerilla HR and recently posted about Employee Blogs from an HR prespective. He gave Glenn Fannick and myself kudos for blogging and for the recent Social Media Roundtable event that we had and he also wrote about 'bad' employee bloggers and the need for a blogging policy.

I left a comment on his post and i wrote:
"What we did with the social media roundtable that you reference was awesome but it is also pretty scary. So we have engaged in this community of social media enthusiasts one that i had been involved in for a while- mostly 'personal' due to my interest in this 'new' media. Because i haven't really engaged with the Insight product suite since consulting services hasn't been involved that much, i started bringing the product folks into the conversation and they engaged fully and whole heartily- so the whole thing got we have some great information that we gathered and we have started a buzz around where we are going and now how do we continue to be engaged above and beyond my blog or glenn's? It takes a lot of work and passionate individuals to maintain what we have started but I think it is very worth while. An interesting conversation is going on per this post once you jump in you need to continue so you don't just act like visitors."

The post i referenced was Jeremiah's recent post on Do companies Cultivate, Harness, Build, Engage, Lead, Visit, Watch, or Join Communities? - before boarding the plane on saturday i opened a couple of browser windows (an offline trick i have been forced to do) including the post that he linked to about Shel Israel's lunch with the Citizen Agency folks. As i read through all their thoughts and comments it was addressing some of the things i have been thinking about post the social media roundtable event. I completely agree with Tara Hunt that if you are going to step into a community you must not play visitor- I of course wanted the out-put of the event to come out immediately- things change so much in a week let along a month. There are some great follow-up posts from the attendees but aside from Glenn's and my quick roundup posts (both of us have been on the road since the event) factiva has a lot of information that we need to share back but it will take some time because the video and audio is being put together back in corporate-the white paper is getting started and the DJ final announcement last week meant that everyone was 'on deck' for integration stuff.

So i won't fret because i know when i get back from vacation things will start to be produced and shared back but figured i would share this as an example of a company (factiva) using social media and how we are continuing with the monitoring social media community and are very conscious that we need to continue what we started. More to follow- of course!

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