Monday, December 18, 2006

Castanhas assadas (roasted chestnuts)

The city streets in the fall and winter in Lisbon would not be the same without the castanhas assadas (roasted chestnuts) that you see many vendors on the streets selling. They are easy to recognize by the scent and the smoke coming from the push carts. They are served in a cone made out of a newspaper/phone-book page and are awesome when warm and toasty brown.
Stopping to buy castanhas assadas with my avo (grandfather) also always brings the story of a little daniela, whose grandfather took her downtown one winter day and had been told not to let me eat anything. Passing the castanhas vendors- i promptly threw a fit going as far as to throw myself on the ground- which damaged my little bib dress- so to not further embarass himself he bought some chestnuts which i filled my little belly with. On returning home- he got busted when asked why i was all dirty. Today he bought me some castanhas-i didn't have to throw a fit but i did give him a big kiss for this time and that one as well!


mmandel said...

Awwww -- look at that CUTE little kid! :)

Daniel Andrade said...

castanha é realmente muito bom, assim como seu blog!


Daniel Andrade