Saturday, December 16, 2006

Safe Travels and potential good news for me

Moving out west from the east coast two years ago, one of biggest worries was that i wouldn't be able to travel to Europe and specifically to my home country as frequent as i used to because of the length of travel and the cost associated. As a last minute decision earlier this month i decided to come spend a couple of days with my grandparents this week who are on their way to becoming very elderly and are no longer up to traveling to the states to see us.

My travels to Portugal were safe arriving this morning to a beautiful Lisbon day- everyone is in good spirits and i look forward to spending the rest of the week eating, drinking and being merry with them. I always forget how much i love Portugal until i return and it is just great to speak Portuguese nonstop, although i find myself stumbling around some of the big words due to lack of practice.

Another piece of good news is that i convinced myself to bring my laptop (to combat my 4hr layover in Newark and to potentially find a WiFi cafe) and it just got better because there are a whole bunch of WiFi connections that i am getting from my grandparents living room! Hurray-

I will try to post pics at least over the next few days- above left is the tile work that surrounds the walls in the living room porch in which i am sitting in right now...not bad and dinner time is coming and Avo (grandmother) is making traditional soup that i love. I am smiling ;-)


Ben Metcalfe said...

I like the tiles. Enjoy Christmas with your family.

Ben Metcalfe (we met at the laughing squidd party, with my two Austrialian friends)

Chris said...

Have an awesome time Daniela - try to ignore the wifi as long as possible - I know I couldn't!

Ben - I wouldn't call you a friend, maybe a decidedly disturbing foreign exchange student!

Just kidding my friend ;)

Anonymous said...

Uh, there better not be meat in that soup!

Jeremiah Owyang said...

Dont forget to have fun too, you really deserve it!