Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Marketing goes web 2.0 - why don't i just show you?

Jeremiah dropped me a note (yes via my blog as a comment because how else will you get my attention!) that he was heading to the Webvisions conference in Portland - he mentioned that he might use my video response to his comments on one of my posts a couple week back while he is on a panel presenting on social media in business. cool thanks Jeremiah!

So it got me once again thinking about how social video site like YouTube and Google Video could obviously create a whole new personal marketing avenue that could be very useful for the enterprise.

On Eric Kintz's, VP of Global Marketing Strategy Excellence for HP blog he shares a conversation with Tracey Trachta, Director WW & US Consumer Advertising, who manages HPs new online campaigns which includes videos that are being posted on services like YouTube. They talk about different types of viral marketing including the ability for users to create their own 'commercials' which in turn they share with their community of friends. I cruised around Eric's blog last night and found some definitely interesting posts worth taking a look at.

I have been cruising around YouTube for a while and have seen more and more 'commercials' popping up. Here is my question however, it seems that YouTube terms (Section 5 C iv) of use do not allow for users to post advertisements or solicitations of business. Ok so i understand if the posts are user created and submitted- like this Nokia 7380 Review and so because a JayZ fan uploaded the JayZ Ad and not HP themselves it is ok?

Factiva, the company i currently work at recently has a marketing video campaign- mostly driven by e-mail to our existing customers- these are supposed to be funny videos about how Factiva gives back time and what people are doing with that free time. i guess it is supposed to be viral marketing. Now- i am NOT a fan at all of what they did - they claim to have a good open rate so good for them- i still don't appreciate the videos at all and just don't get it- maybe it is my dry sense of humor (doubt it)...anyway to get to my point...i was listening to a podcast with Jackie Huba that said that if you are involved with products in the marketplace you should go to YouTube and type in the name of your product to see if anyone as created a consumer review video- so i did and what did i find? the viral marketing videos that factiva put out were posted- i do not know who posted them.

I recently used YouTube to provide an answer to someone that asked me a question about RSS delivery in one of the products we had been talking about and just did the same with some cool functionality that i thought would be best seen 'live'. It was my official non-company the opinions expressed on this site are my own and do not necessarily represent those of my employer because this is a personal blog post- so i am OK or do i need to go back to posting on my webserver?


Jeremiah Owyang said...

Just had a conversation with Brian Oberkirch, he reccomends checking out blip tv as well

daniela barbosa said...

i read their T&Cs and didn't see any prohibition on posting videos for commercial purposes-is that correct?