Sunday, July 23, 2006

From Research to Analysis to Leadership

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Note> Blogger over the last 2 days has been up and down......just finally got it to publish!

I was just reading the Webvisions notes,videos and reviews that are coming in. Jeremiah Owyang, as usual is doing a great job at aggregating.

in my browsing travels, I ran into the following from Dave Johnson's - The Ajax User Experience presentation at Webvisions:

Librarian analogy - Web 1.0 - having access to one librarian getting you information / Web 2.0 (Ajax) - having a stream of librarians available to you to run back and forth to the book shelves as you need information.

good to confirm that in a Web 2.0 world the librarian is still as valuable and even more of them! Sure he doesn't mean the physical librarian but definitely the concept of the expertise that a librarian brings to the table around information delivery and finding.

Kevin Manion, President, New York Chapter, Special Libraries Association (SAL) writes an Opinion column titled: From Research to Analysis to Leadership in this month's SAL (Special Libraries Association) Connections e-mail newsletter. I also did a quick search and found out that Kevin has a book and published his career story last year.

Maybe it is because this weekend I was reading "Ambient Findability" by Peter Morville, an admitted "librarian", but I have been thinking about librarians quite a bit, mostly because when I first meet people I am more then proud to tell them that I have a Masters of Library and Information Service (MILS from Rutgers). I run into folks that have library and information science all the time in my day job, and many of them are at a place to make a definite impact on the organization. Kevin Manion writes about librarians taking on leadership roles in the Enterprise, I agree- when information finding and delivery become main objectives to drive revenue- the people with the knowledge to help fix, maintain and grow the information stratedgy will be looked upon as leaders.

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