Monday, July 03, 2006

Video messages - broadcast yourself

it isn't the first time that i do little videos to share exactly what i am talking about- mostly i host them on my web server but today i was yet again inspired by Jeremiah and his starting YouTube post. YouTube is a personal video sharing Web 2.0 site- one that can lead to some time lost in cyber space . In his post, he says that services like YouTube are really going to take off and quickly. Why? because there is no hosting required, a simple login and upload and that most digital cameras can do the job (i have a Kodak Z740 with 10x zoom that i really like)- i tend to agree- and there is a definite space in the enterprise web 2.0 world.

so Jermiah posted a comment the other day on my blog and asked me about the RSS alerting capabilities that he and i had talked about a couple months back. they were put into production last week along with some nifty new features that i will be sure to post soon about.

so here is my official non-company the opinions expressed on this site are my own and do not necessarily represent those of my employer- response to Jeremiah-

just in case you think that all i do is work, read blogs, work read blogs- here is a piece recorded this evening from my 'backyard'- and some nice sunset pics at on flickr

and then because i am obsessive (and had taken the time to hook up the flat panel to my laptop and figured i would do version two this evening)- i was inspired to continue and did this piece about some pretty cool functionality that i have already taken advantage of in finding companies who are interested in talking to me. enjoy-


Jeremiah Owyang said...


Very impressive, you've demonstrated mastery over Social Media, Online Video, as well as provided a personalized and customized product demo --all for zero dollars.

Thanks for this, I've left my thoughts here

Jeremiah Owyang said...

I'll be showing this video at Webvisions this Thursday on a panel I'm presesnting on regarding social media.

You're a case study of harnessing youtube in a creative and personalized way

It'll be audio recorded, I'll let you know how it goes!

glennfan said...

I had been thinking about creating videos covering new product features for Factiva Insight. Perhaps interviewing some of the members of the team. A la Scoble.
You beat me to it!