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GBLOG: News related to blogging

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last week my bag of goodies to engage with customers directly on expanded, not that we haven't had these services for a while- and i have certainly worked on many a project that leveraged these services for a complete enterprise information delivery solution (factiva and nonfactiva content) with the excellent folks that work in that group- it is just that they have finally decided to compensate me for selling them. a good deal all around i say. you will hear more about this very shortly (i am in study mode as there are some newer services that i am getting up to speed on- like the Factiva Synaptica Knowledge Management System (KMS) .

While cruising around this evening on the corporate portal i found lists of newly added codes that we use to tag all the content we provide (Company, Industry, News Subject, and Region). These codes are called Factiva Intelligent Indexing and we were issued United States Patent number 6,938,046 this year.

Four times a year after careful review we add, expand, update etc. these codes. There are various ways to 'discover' new terms including QA systems that alert our editorial specialist of recurring terms that pop up in the news. The way we apply taxonomy and categorize our content is way more complicated then that- if you are interested drop me a line and we can chat off line.

Anyway....addition #1 that was new to me and looked interesting (but was added Aug 2005) was News Subject: Blogging (click on the image above to get the definition- note it is indexed under "Living/Lifestyles" i am sure that it will also be applied to corporate news subject soon enough. (our taxonomies are 'polyhierarchical' and would allow that)

Here are some additional changes that i pulled out to highlight- these are interesting because they tells us a bit about the times we live in:

An August Addition:

News Subject: "Cholera" covers all news on cholera, an acute intestinal infection caused by ingestion of contaminated water or food.
[scary uh- that cholera is in the news enough to start a new code and not under general diseases]

Some May Additions:

News Subject: "Cultural Heritage" Cultural Heritage is an expression of the ways of living developed by a community and passed on from generation to generation, including customs, practices, places, objects, artistic expressions and values.

News Subject: "Sustainable Development" covers development that ensures that the use of resources and the environment today does not damage prospects for use by future generations.

News Subject: "Skeleton" covers Skeleton articles is an individual, sledding, winter sport where competitors drive the sled in a prone, head-first position down an ice track on a sled or 'sleigh'. This differs from luge, where the rider drives the sled from a supine, feet-first orientation. This Olympic sport is also known as tobogganing. [trust me i had no idea either but it looks like it is making a
come back)

Industry Subject: "Traditional Chinese Medicine" covers the ancient Chinese system of medicine, that includes meditation, herbal and nutritional therapy, restorative physical exercises, acupuncture, oriental massage, qigong and acupressure.

Some January Additions:

News Subject: "Corruption"All news on corruption. Includes official corruption, the misuse of an official position for private advantage and political corruption, corruption of the political system through bribery, intimidation, extortion, vote buying, destabilization, or influence peddling.

Industry: "Security Systems" covers articles that include security scanners, metal detectors, x-ray equipment, screening equipment, baggage screeners, iris identification systems, digital fingerprints or sonar fingerprints systems and detection technology.

News Subject: "Internal Control" articles about Internal Control which is a process within an organization designed to provide reasonable assurance regarding the achievement of the following: reliability and integrity of information; compliance with policies, plans, procedures, laws, and regulations; safeguarding of assets; economical and efficient use of resources; accomplishment of established objectives and goals for operations or programs.

If you have read my LinkedIn Profile then you can bet that i am rooting for Portugal tomorrow and that i have a Master in Information and Library Science- so taxonomies and classification are just up my alley- hence my interest with social bookmarking or tagging in the enterprise -great stuff all around.

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