Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Blogging to Recruit

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There have been a lot of recent posts in the blogs about blogs being used as 'live resumes'- Charlene Li turns it the other way and blogged about recruitment blogs being a no brainer last week- which i agree would be a great way to recruit people, especially when talent is being heavily recruited and "word of mouth" may help prospects decide on working for that company. She points out some companies that are already do this- especially in the tech world.

Recruiting is a topic that has certainly being coming up more and more with customers i work with- more and more are using non-traditional HR recruitment processes and they are looking at some of the external content sets we provide to monitor executive moves, industry innovations, profiles from potential employee's companies, and core competitor practices. The are also starting to talk about web content (blogs) as a source of recruitment information.

We have worked with recruitment firms in the past (for example building predicative news modeling on when key executives are more likely to move on etc.)- that look at the external world and how their recruiters look for business.

To the right you see a sample mock screen of an recruiting dashboard that is populating with both internal data (job postings, salaries, empployee history etc) that the recruitor may have and external information about companies, industries and people. Click on the image to get a bigger view on how external news content along with company and industry information could deliver a very imformative dashboard to HR recruitors- mesh in web content and blogs and bingo-.

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