Monday, August 21, 2006

Web 2.0 Strategies understanding your customer better

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i got pinged by a client to take a close look at this post which i had already read and actually forwarded internally- but on a second look it lead me to Pronet Advertising's Blog. The original post that lead me there has since been threaded- so it went from a top ten list to a discussion- that is the great thing about the blogsphere-even better then a good top ten list by David Letterman that is repeated in conversation throughout the office.

The top ten list is about what every company should be monitoring and listening to in order to manage their brand and keep customers happy- something that our customers are asking us for help with. In addition to the new taxonomy services that i have added to my toolkit, over the last few months i have also become more acquainted with our Media Intelligence solutions- providing some interesting opportunities with overlaying our core products with other monitoring and measuring requirements that might be unique to customers- one of our product development folks also has a blog and he just posted a
Read Between the Mines: Cliche Index report report that was produced with the Insight tool covering main stream press (it can cover blogs as well). I am sure you will be glad to hear that 'at the end of the day' cliche rules the US Media.

While browsing the Pronet Advertising's Blog, i found a post titled Understanding your Customers which is about listening to client in a Web 2.0 world- tomorrow i have an internal session with some colleagues where i am going to show them how i personally use certain tools to 'listen' to my clients' utilizing RSS feeds from some of the product alerts feeds but also Web 2.0 applications like Technorati and . Just like brand managers are keeping tabs on clients, shouldn't sales and consulting folks do the same- so they can understand the client better? I recently posted about sales processes that can be greatly enabled through Web 2.0 solutions.

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