Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Ode to contract folks

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The SalesRoundup Podcast is one of the podcasts that i listen to on my evening walks to the beach. I always learn something from these guys and have blogged about them before. At a minimum i get a good chuckle (which makes me one of those freaks with ipod buds in my ears laughing out loud). More and more i am using podcasts to get my extra-curriculum learning.- yes say it -i am a loser because i am listening to self-help sales training as an extra-curriculum activity instead of something like this, or this, or even this (i do also listen to some other great podcasts which i will post about later).

This week's
episode 48 is titled: "It's all in the fine print! Leveraging your contract people to maximize your sales effort" (i would add: "and to keep your sanity!") - Mike and Joe share some tips on using your contract folks effectively.

  • Bring them in earlier then later
  • Take them through the solution you are trying to close the contract on- they might think it is standard product but most likely you have tinkered something in the client's expected terms
  • when you hand them a 36page Services agreement on the client's paper they should have already expected it (ask early on in the closing cycle)- and make sure you have a very nice smile on your face when you do hand it to them!
  • if you know there are going to be stickler points- have a conversation with your contract team to understand what you can or can not do before getting them in front of the client - you know the customer best
  • ask all your clients to close deals in early December- holiday's aren't fun when the family is drinking spiked eggnog and you and your legal staff are on the phone trying to close a deal before the end of the year
  • buy them nice gifts or at least take them out for a drink once in a while

I have to admit that the legal staff i work with are just plain awesome to work with. We have been negotiating some pretty major services agreements lately and they do not miss a beat- never have for the 5+ years i have had to work with them. They have also pushed over the years to make sure that we have a good contract archive management strategy- so i can find what i need quickly. So this is an Ode to our legal team - thanks

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Brent said...

I'm pretty upset - I had written out this amazing response...when I went to 'cut and paste' for a spell check...I lost everything! Essentially, our legal is great, and I think it's because Factiva does a great job in 'de-silohing' if such a word exists.