Monday, September 04, 2006

Catching up this week hasn't been so bad

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Catching up on blog reading this weekend has not been so time consuming thanks to Bloggers taking time off for the end of summer holiday in the United States- Labor Day to celebrate America workers- i guess we don't feel like working much hence the low volume- i know i didn't. The Wall Street Journal even ran a piece on August 31st (subscription required) about the multiple 'gone fishing' posts on Blogs:

In the height of summer-holiday season, bloggers face the inevitable question: to blog on break or put the blog on a break? Fearing a decline in readership, some writers opt not to take vacations. Others keep posting while on location, to the chagrin of their families. Those brave enough to detach themselves from their keyboards for a few days must choose between leaving the site dormant or having someone blog-sit.

Interesting posts found during my catch up:

  • Maybe all the bloggers are at Burning Man. CNN's Business 2.0 seems to think that the running joke is that in Silicon Valley you can't get any software code written or raise venture capital funding the week before Labor Day because all the techies head to Burning Man. I recently was told by someone that a recruiter recently encouraged someone to show off her tattoos during her interview- i have always wanted dreads, maybe now is the time?
  • From Ross Mayfield's Blog- do you want to contribute to an article in Wired News? A Wiki allows the author to experiment in collaborative journalism
  • Via Steve Rubel- The LA Times NewsPoint RSS Service the key here is that it is just not for LA Times content but it enables users to aggregate news headlines and editor-recommended content from, as well as RSS feeds from other websites and blogs- this will lead people to their reader as the primary aggregator- i have mentioned this to our product folks and some custom apps we are working on allow for this personalization but behind the firewall- i think our destination products should allow self aggregation for non-factiva content sources
  • Also via Steve Rubel- "Test your Web 2.0 Awareness" - i bit weird to remind oneself that all we do it being tracked- i got 21%
  • Rob Boothly at Innovation Creators on A Better Way to Do Things- With 40% of business being ad hoc according to a McKinsey report- Rob posts about how if companies want to build more secure, more structured and more efficient ad hoc information analysis and distribution processes they should consider using blogs, wikis and Office 2.0 tools as a replacement for today's emails, IMs and shared drives. Rob is speaking at the Office 2.0 conference in October
  • Guy Kawaski gives you 'Everything You Wanted to Know About Getting a Job in Silicon Valley But Didn't Know Who to Ask'
  • From Creating Passionate Users - Why Marketing should make the user Manual!- bingo and yet another reason why certain companies are even going to the users to create user manuals via media files
  • Howard Rheingold is teaching a class on Participatory Media/Collective Action this fall at the UC Berkeley School of Information and a course syllabus is available as a wiki
  • Caught up with my Bare Naked App blog to see how they are doing
I bought and downloaded QuickTime Pro today and spent more then half the day playing around with the software. It was easy enough. I downloaded it on my Windows XP machine and although the basics i accomplished i probably want to get a Mac if i want to do video editing seriously any time soon.

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