Sunday, October 14, 2007

My Top Blogged Topics and Shared Items

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This has been on my 'to do list' for a while- to create a listing of topics that i Blog about. This will make it easier for new visitors to understand what my main interests are and find relevant posts with little effort.

I use the Blogger platform for this blog- never have felt the need to migrate- and they do have a 'label' widget that comes with the new template features but i really didn't want to update my template that i have customized over the years so i manually created a listing that you can now find on the right sidebar. I will have to manually update the list as i pick up new topics but it will be easy enough now that i have it set.

I also added a Google Reader Shared items widget to my sidebar- no not to clog up my sidebar but to be able to share the top things i find interesting across the hundreds of feeds i read. The editorial process of tagging posts to share is a valuable one that i hope you will find useful.

So welcome if you are a new reader to this blog (according to my stats there are more and more of you!) and here lies my main bloggable interests as of today:

Top Topics this Blog Covers

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Chris said...

Daniela soon you will be able to post a widget that shows your APML tag cloud - then people can get a feeling for your changing interests across all your outputs - not just your blog :)