Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Facebook Flyers - Plus a Bonus- you will get to work with me

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The other day i posted some jobs that are open in the Dow Jones San Francisco office in my Facebook Marketplace profile- while i was posting them the option to buy a Facebook Flyer was presented and i wondered if it would be worth it. The costs didn't seem too high but i passed- well today via a twitter message from Jeremiah Owyang i saw this post on Charlene Li's blog about a test she is running with Facebook Flyers so i thought i would give it a try since i had a new posting to put up. Hey for 4 bucks it is definitely worth it- perhaps even better then a virtual Facebook beer for a buck that i will send to anyone that gets the job. Shel Israel also got into the action via the same Twitter message.A couple of things Facebook can do to make the service better would be to guide the flyer creator (i did it through the marketplace prompts)- for example providing a preview prior to publishing, suggesting a length for the title etc. Unless you go through the main page to create a flyer it doesn't tell you that you can't make any changes to the flyer once you purchase (BOO they should have at least had a warning!).

In the FAQ section (after i purchased) i found good information including the following : There is a 200 character limit for the body of the Flyer (including spaces and returns) and a 25 character limit for the title. In addition, there is a 15 character limit for words in the body of the Flyer.

Facebook won't provide you with a click-through-rate for your Flyer- which would make for a nice 'premium' service i suppose.

Anyway...I hope i have some success and if i do i will share- but i might as well post it here that we are hiring so if you know of anyone that fits any of the positions below, please send them along (the bonus of course is that you will get to work with me ~haha~ seriously contact me with questions, i am tired of doing all these jobs myself and would rather be socializing on Facebook all day ;-) - daniela[dot]barbosa{at}dowjones.com

Full job descriptions by clicking through these links:

Solutions Sales Architect- Financial Services, Client Solutions
Taxonomy Services Consultant - Client Solutions
Engagement Manager- Licensing Services, Client Solutions

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Alex Moskalyuk said...

Hey, Daniela. Thanks for the feedback. Regarding the click-through rate, we do provide that on Flyers Pro, where you pay only for clicks delivered.