Sunday, October 14, 2007

Folksonomies and Taxonomies in the Enterprise - Dow Jones Upcoming Round Table Event and Print Plant Tour

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Over the next few weeks i will be sharing resources and my thoughts on Folksonomies and Taxonomies in the Enterprise a topic that i have frequently blogged about before as i discuss Enterprise social tagging tools. The topic continues to be a topic of conversation at many of my clients and more and more the conversation is moving beyond the 'should we do it' but to the "how do we do it" and "how do we tie it in with our existing taxonomy and corporate taxonomy management tools".

On Tuesday December 4th at our Wall Street Journal printing plant location in Palo Alto, CA we will be hosting a round table event for Enterprise practitioners that are looking to deploy or have deployed tools in their enterprise that provide tagging capabilities. The round table portion will be from 2-4pm and then from 4-5pm we will get an exclusive tour of The Wall Street Journal printing plant which I arranged thinking that it would be a nice 'old media' meet 'new media' type of activity.

We still have some spots open for the round table if you or someone you know is working in implementing in the Enterprise and i am also hoping to open the printing plant tour and cocktail hour to more people who are interested in discussing the topic with other attendees while taking a peak at printing plant (hey who knows how much longer these will be around for!)- so drop me a line if you are interested daniela[dot]barbosa[@]

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