Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Media Consumption Diets

Jeremiah Owyang recently posted about his media consumption diet and asked his readers including his fellow Media2.0 members to post about their media consumption habits.

In early December 2006, i actually posted on this very subject so i will refer you to that post and the video i created talking about my media consumption habits which is embedded below. A couple things i would add:
  • the special distribution channel i have- my husband is a political news hound and thankfully i get my daily dose from him every morning with my coffee (certainly not a new feature after 10yrs but constanly improving through bug-fix releases ;-)
  • Techmeme were i go daily first thing and throughout the day
  • Google Reader- i have basically moved from Bloglines and other RSS readers i have used
  • Touchstone Beta- getting my attention
  • Another media i relish are books- and my Ning bookshelf points to some recent readings (lot's of buzz on Ning today- i have been using Ning for a while and even won an Video iPod from them and i am looking forward to having some time to check out their new features).

    bonus- if you read my original post on my media consumption habits, there is a second video in which a crack myself up with a Podtech ScobleShow video that won't load correctly.


Jeremiah Owyang said...

Wow, you're a media junkie (and that's a good thing)

Very cool way of sharing.

Anonymous said...

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