Sunday, February 19, 2006

Ning - pinch me - is this stuff for real?

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On Feb 12th i mentioned Ning in my post. I certainly was intrigued the first time i went to their site but it was only this evening that i got a chance to check it out in detail.

With its cloning features, within 30minutes i had set up a Bookshelf Ning where i can create and share book lists and reviews. The Best thing is that all the book information comes from Amazon so i had to setup a Web Services account with them which was super easy, so it shows off a little web services API action as well.

Ning allows you to create Social Web Applications in a flash-there are tons to clone from- awesome stuff

You can find my bookshelf here: and I will also add it to my links.

I also love the way they are displaying the tags that the users are applying.

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