Sunday, March 12, 2006

Absence and caught-up - summary

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Sitting on a lovely Sunday morning drinking my coffee and catching up on my social reading- (interesting how just a year ago sitting in front of a computer reading what others were writing was not considered so 'social')

I was back East for one and a half weeks, mostly for work- with an annual sales conference thrown in and some business in the old stomping grounds, a visit to the niece and a nice Sunday spent at the MOMA (great Edvard Munch exhibit) and one of my favorites the Frick .

So since I am catching up - figured I would provide a summary of what is out there that I found interesting. There is just so much ----

  • John Battelle points us to some conversations about Consensus Web Filters - Via my RSS reader, I use Digg, Boing Boing, Engadget and have a couple of Flicker bookmarks (which are not voted or posted by the masses but rather by the social bookmarker) that I check often.

  • John Battelle also pointed to yet another Google buying story this one about Sun Microsystems- sure interesting as they all are and some become reality like Writely among what seems like hundreds of others in the last few months!- but what I thought more so was that this blogger was able to use IP addresses to 'see' who has been hitting that blog post and send emails on the topic from a personal email but through the Sun network- interesting- keep that in mind folks

  • An interesting story "Heavy Spending Becomes a Fact Of Life for Many Web Companies", The Wall Street Journal, 7 March 2006 came through by Factiva RSS feed about how operating expenses have been increasing faster than sales or gross profits for web companies- on the flip side this is increasing revenues over at the hardware and software folks.

  • Husband disconnects DSL connection -go pour myself another cup of coffee -if I was reading hard copy or things in my wouldthis wouldn't have happened ;-)

  • With warm cup of coffee in hand- caught up my reading on mainly corporate blogging through Web Strategy by Jeremiah- i recently had a conversation with Jeremiah and plopped his blog into my reader so I just caught up as he has been very busy in these last two weeks- Jeremiah did a great job of blogging and pointing to other sites that blogged about the New Communications Conference- where he was one of the panelists -excellent stuff - enough for two cups of reading with link follow-through--Thanks Jeremiah!

  • Through BusinessWeek RSS feed- found- Debbie Weil of CEO Blogs highlights how tech industry researcher and consultant Charlene Li brought in $1 million in business for her company, Forrester Research, through her blogging- check out the ROI calculations.

  • Through found out that JPMorgan Global Internet Conference is taking place this week and went ahead and registered. Over 60 companies will be presenting on international expansion, product innovation, personalization, and improved user engagement. Live WebCasts will be available as well as archived versions.

  • Jonathan Schwartz's Blog- on state run sites that required Microsoft software and of course the open letter to HP which I saw last week- had been a while since I thought of 'open letters'in the corporate space- very common in NGOs and other political channels- powerful in corporate as well.

  • Spent some time at TechCrunch which tracks Web 2.0 products and companies- I love this stuff

  • Found the Participatory Media and Collective Action wiki from Xiao Qiang and Howard Rheingold's Berkeley class last fall UC Berkeley School of Information . Since I do not have time to get back into school right now- resources like this can make up for it- now to make the time to read this in in-depth!

    OK -sun is shining and I got tons of other stuff to do- including playing with my new video iPod that I won from Ning iPod a day contest (feb 18th)

-- I think I am caught up?? Ha-Never!

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Jeremiah Owyang said...

Awesome reading list, you're well caught up Daniella.

You're not the first person to need lost of coffee to get through my blog.

best regards