Tuesday, February 27, 2007

BlogHer Business '07 Conference and discount code

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I am very excited to announce that i will be speaking at the BlogHer Business '07 Conference in New York on March 22-23th. I will be on the panel on "How To Measure Social Media ROI" on the second day with Katie Paine and Lena West.

Last year i attended the BlogHer conference in San Jose, CA and really enjoyed not only the sessions but meeting a great bunch of women bloggers and learning some pratical blogging tips from them. I can honestly say that prior to attending i had been a bit concerned about the 'mommy' effect (only mommy bloggers) but was pleased to find that many kinds of bloggers participated and even the mommy ones had great things to share. I was glad that those wrong pre-conceived notions didn't stop me from going. Since then i have monitored many blogs from bloggers i met at that conference.

This year's annual Blogher conference is in Chicago in July, so this upcoming conference in New York is focused on Business blogging. The two day conference agenda certainly seems well planned and interesting and i wouldn't expect anything less from the conference organizers. I am also excited to meet bloggers that i have been reading recently like for example Marianne Richmond one of the fellow Media2.0 group members.

As a speaker i have been given the opportunity to share with my readers this discount code. Anyone who signs up between now and March 15 with this code: BHBSK-DSC will receive $100 off the cost of the event. Registration is here: www.acteva.com/go/blogher

See YA at BlogHer!

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Looking forward to meeting you!