Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Excited about working for Dow Jones? Yeah sounds weird but I am.

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If you have known me for a while and know me as the liberal free-wheeling type you probably are thinking- hey how is daniela handling this Dow Jones acquisition. got 36minutes? well watch this video. i am not talking politics now- and even the WSJ is partially on my side lately anyway- i am talking about an 'old' media company that is changing as we think.

A couple weeks back i found out that Clare Hart was coming to San Francisco to meet with some of our key clients-Clare used to be the CEO of Factiva and is now the EVP of the Enterprise Media Group that my consulting services group is now a part of. The purpose of her visit was to introduce our new Enterprise Media Group(EMG) to key customers and partners and i was at some of those meetings and the message is clear- we are a new company. She also met with our local office which i flickr(er) about.
When i found out she was coming i pinged her and asked her if she would be interested in speaking to Robert Scoble for an interview on the Scoble Show- her response was immediate and positive about having the ability to talk to Robert's audience and the following is what we got:

some highlights- (for me because i know the story already!)
25:38-Google video reference - Robert asks about video- interesting specially cause of the recent announcement about Dow Jones and Google Video Ads. Video is a media distribution method that is growing and as a media producer we seem to be paying attention- my customers are asking.

29.30-Robert asks how is Dow Jones being disrupted- Clare's response-which is not a new one but one that lead the Factiva innovation push- competition is healthy and challenges what is going on in the marketplace- - Google challenged us- our response Search 2.0 - power global search with a rich collection and visualization features- competitive challenges accelerate delivering of innovated products to customers.

and my favorite which i talk about all the time- enterprises are made of a huge consumer groups that are creating communities - content delivery tools in the Enterprise must provide the features those user communities expect in their information consumption tools.

Big thanks to Jeremiah as well- he is a Clare fan as well.

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Robert Scoble said...

Thank you so much for bringing CLare. I really appreciate it!