Monday, January 30, 2006

Launch of Factiva Search 2.0 Beta

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I have to say that one of the things i like the best about working at Factiva in the last few years is the fact that we are always improving our products by releasing enhanced functionality using new technologies and listening to user trends.

Typically new functionality drives what i deliver to clients so i like to make sure i keep myself an expert in our core products. I think our newest beta product release will eventually slip into custom client deliverables but for now the destination product is pretty cool and useful!

Last week we launched a Beta of Search 2.0- so far to great reviews in the press and from information users and geeks like myself...the technology behind it is based on FAST Technologies (our products use various components of search and categorization software) and it is Powered by Factiva Discovery Technologies™, a suite of capabilities that leverage text mining technologies, advanced content visualization and Factiva’s patented taxonomy.

I agree with Clare Hart in her From the Hart Blog post "Like so many innovations in information technology, Search 2.0 is going to raise expectations around information management – external sources like Factiva’s, but internal information as well." (and not just because she is CEO ;-)

Click here to see a quick tour or if you are already a user you can try the search below. (or if you want a preview userid contact me)

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