Tuesday, January 31, 2006


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"Mashups" (blended applications) showed up today in one of my listserv emails from the SLA Information Technology Division . I think? i had heard this term already but i might have been mistaking it with mash potatoes? Anyway i threw it into Search 2.0 and got some results including articles highlighting the theme from WSJ and NYT . Basically it is primarily combining online maps with lists of data that allow users to pinpoint anything in a very specific location.

I have delivered Global Maps that link to regional newsstands to customers for years so I am thinking these are pretty cool. Can't wait to get a chance to play with the different APIs out there. I can see various uses of these MAP APIs with news.

Here are some examples: http://www.googlemapsmania.blogspot.com/ mostly fun things so far I like the Hills of San Francisco

Here is what my Search 2.0 results looked like- not many hits in the press but the top tier publications are all over it. Let's see how that coverage chart will change in the next few months.

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