Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Introduction to my new Colleagues

With the completion of the Dow Jones acquisition of Factiva on December 15, 2006, we now have a new structure that integrates the former Factiva business with Dow Jones Newswires and Dow Jones Licensing Services as part of the Enterprise Media Group. With this integration i have a whole bunch of new people to work with and i am privileged to be working with some great folks from the former DJ Licensing Services group. As a new group we are having our first team meeting starting tomorrow at 8amEST. Due to client commitments, i was unable to travel east to meet my new colleagues and at that early hour PST never do look my best. So daniela style i hereby introduce myself to them:


Chris said...

This is one of the greatest blog posts I have ever seen... and I have seen a LOT haha

Anonymous said...


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