Saturday, January 27, 2007

Moving Music Media around tedious but i probably wouldn't pay for it

Starting around 11:30am today (it is now 6pm and i will admit that i have broken away several times) i have been loading CDs to my iTunes Music Library so i can update my iPods' (60GB Video and 2GB nano) music library. I have not added music content to them in months because i have been mostly listening to podcasts that i am automatically subscribed to and just haven't had the time to do it. I am however completely tired of listening to the same albums that have been there for months. Transferring music to my iPod always seems like a very time consuming process and today because i am just bulk loading, it has been tedious and has completely slowed down my laptop as i tried to do other tasks (eventually i just added another machine to the mix).

Would i go to
ReadytoPlay to rip my entire collection- probably not- it seems like a great service for someone that is ok with just having MP3 versions of their music and then sells off their CD collection which is not really legal. I am sure that people chose to go down the one time route if they are going to go completely digital with their future purchases. I could plug in my iPods into the stereo but am not convinced that the sound would be the same and my husband who has dog ears for music quality wouldn't allow it anyway.
So what did i rip anyway? A total of 325 songs- 23.8hrs, 1.3GB. Mostly close eyes and pick from the self of a huge library we have gathered over the years:

Jerry Garcia-
Dave Alvin and the Guilty Men
- The Great American Music Galaxy
Grateful Dead
- Dead Set
Bob Dylan
-Shot of Love
Dire Straits-
-Dire Straits
Jimmy Cliff
-The Harder they Come
Jackson Browne
-Running on Empty
Johnny Cash
-The Sun Years
Ryan Adams
The Band-
-Moondog Matinee
-Rock of Ages
-Music From the Big Pink
Los Lobos
- Colossal Head
Ronnie Wood
-I've Got my Own Album to Do
The Rolling Stones
- Beggars Banquet
Staple Singers- Best of the Staple Singers
Lucinda Williams-
-Car Wheels on a Gravel Road
-Lucinda Williams
Warren Zevon
- Excitable Boy


Ben Metcalfe said...

Technically downloading from p2p/BitTorrent mp3 songs and albums that you own the CD is no more illegal that making a copy of a CD on cassette for the car.

From that perspective, I would have just downloaded the songs I already owned from BitTorrent... making sure I didn't share any of the file back to the internet if I wanted to be very strict.

daniela barbosa said...

Yes. i know that. but how about downloading and then selling the CD as a used CD?